Monday, February 6, 2012

How I won 200 hundred dollars
So we had a betting pool at work. For five dollars you could buy one of the squares. The x is the predicted second digit in the Giants score, and the y axis is the second digit in the Patriots score. The squares are bought before the numbers are on the axes,  so it is a complete game of luck. I bought two squares, patriots 5, giants 9 and patriots 7 and giants 1.  Its obvious that the second square I bought was a winner. And two hundred dollars later I am buying pizza for lunch for the shop.

Last week was the hardest week I have worked in this shop. I worked with Andre the entire week. We were assigned to the lazarette. We started by fitting the three longitudinal beams, and then gluing them in. Then the beams had to be tabbed in, and because they were meeting the transom the tabbing took a lot more than usual. I took five seperate lamination get the beams in completely. All the time working in semi dark and very cramped work environment. Stretching out my legs after eight hours in a coal mine  was a wonderful feeling. On Thursday, in order to get things done in time, we started our last lamination at 4:30, and I didn't get home until after seven. It was a great week though, and I feel accomplished.

Oh and our house smells like the toaster is on fire, but we don't have a toaster. Its under control.


  1. Thanks for explaining your winning bet and for posting a new pic.

  2. Satch, this blog is awesome. Keep up the posts!