Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today we started off a little differently. It was the composite department OSHA safety training day. This training occurs once a year. The company brings in a very nice lady who presents a powerpoint while we sit  and listen. She also asked a few questions.

Nice Lady: "You are new here, where did you come from?"
Me: "College"
Nice Lady: "Why did you leave??"
Me: "We are actually going back"

Nice Lady: "What do gloves protect you from?"
Mike: "Strippers... I mean paint stripping chemicals"

And when Adam complained to this safety woman that he was constantly cutting off his fingertips:

Joe: "Maybe they should take away your knife and give you a spoon!"
Adam: "They must have already done that to you because you are so fat."

Five minutes later the laughter died down.

It was a good start to the morning, and I learned that MSDS is being abbreviated to SDS. SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet. Oh and we tabbed the inside of the deck joint.

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  1. Some strippers aren't bad and don't require gloves. Call me if you need names. Don't tell your mom.